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Honorable shareholders and customers,

Welcome to Doosan Infracore Engine Business Group.

The business group started producing diesel engines in 1958 and since then has manufactured and supplied high power and high efficient diesel and Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) engines for buses, trucks, construction equipment, industrial vehicles, generators and marine to varied customers around the world. The engines boast Doosan’s R&D capabilities and manufacturing technologies accumulated for more than half a century.

We completed the construction of a large-scale plant in 1975 and started manufacturing our own engine models in the 1980s. Moreover, by successfully developing “STORM” engines and “DE & DV” engines series, we made a major contribution to Korea’s bid for securing its own diesel engine production technologies. In 2012, veering away from the existing mid-sized and heavy engine-centric manufacturing system, we completed the construction of a state-of-the-art compact engine plant and began mass-producing engines for industrial vehicles and construction equipment in order to expand our business portfolio.

In addition, to comply with global emissions standards, we developed and have provided Tier 4 Final and Euro 6 CNG engines to our global customers. The engines are based on our accumulated engineering expertise and technological capabilities. In line with the eco-friendly market trends, we have also made ceaseless efforts to develop engines for various purposes that can meet tougher emissions standards, thereby improving the qualify of people’s lives and further promoting the development across the globe.

Engine Business Group has continuously strived to develop new products and technologies in order to grow as a market leader with an optimized product lineup for clients around the world. In the same vein, we have done our utmost to create customer value by establishing the ISO9001 total quality management system and thereby producing top quality products.

Last but not least, we will continue to do our utmost to become your reliable partner that can bring success to customers. Thank you for your continued interest in and support for our business initiatives.

Yoo Joon-ho,
Vice President
Doosan Infracore Engine Business Group